We provide a series of services focused around the client and the client’s business and home.
Michele Marano & Associates was formed in 2002 and since the formation of her company, Michele began collecting architectural furnishings while renovating her own personal properties, all of which sold rather quickly.
Michele’s creations are inspired by her family’s history involving properties with beautiful architectural decor and her childhood years growing up along the beautiful countryside of New York state.
She incorporates the beauty of nature to each design, creation, and style with gorgeous colors, texture and fabrics that are symbolic to her background.

Virtual Staging

Michele Provides virtual staging for builders, home owners and agents.
Staging a home professionally by paying someone to bring in furniture can run anywhere from $600 – $800 per room, per month, so you’re looking at spending $2000 – $2400 per month for roughly a 2000 sq ft home.  Expensive right?
Virtually staging is much less.  Contact us to discuss.

Prepare to Sell and Stage with Client’s Furnishings

If you or your client needs to prepare a home or business to sell or just want a finished look, Michele Marano & Associates will professionally restyle, using the client’s existing furnishings. Sometimes there’s a room or an area in the house or business that just doesn’t look right. We can make it look attractive for you. Sometimes, the area just needs a professional eye. Flat fees from $250 + depending on the location and amount of work involved.

Michele Marano Designs

The Marano Bag, originally created in 2010, was carried shortly after by Williams Sonoma. What an amazing journey this bag has taken. From San Francisco to China it went around the world. People called in from every country to order a bag. Meanwhile in Houston and Austin The Marano Bag sat pretty in local Williams Sonoma stores. Now I’m bringing the legacy back, where the original burlap tote first started in Houston. No 2 bags are a like. They are pieces of my art. Don’t want to wear it, just collect it for fun snd fill it with your memories. Michele created the bag just for that!!

Michele combines an expertise in real estate with design, offering many services and creations. Michele is licensed in Real Estate since 2007 http://www.michelemarano.com and has worked on both commercial and residential.

Michele holds 30+ years combined experience from Wall Street Oil Commodities to Real Estate Investing, and Design.